The Bomitorium will officially close on November 21st (Wednesday), after lunch. ALL ITEMS MUST GO! It's important - come Wednesday - to keep a brimmed bucket of water close by (don't get distracted by the movement of the flames)! We repeat: ALL ITEMS MUST GO!

First you need to select a spot and prepare the area for your fire. Remove any burnables close by and make sure the fire can't grow apart from your safety zone. The next step is to position the object. Doublecheck the position of the object so it will remain in the safety zone while burning. For starting a fire, you can use either matches or a lighter. Keep attention while lightning the object not to burn yourself. During the fire it is beneficial to keep a bucket filled with water available. Don't get distracted by the movement of the flames. Always remember to be careful while dealing with fire. When the object is burned down also the flames will disappear. Please make sure that the fire is extinguished completely.

Sound by Arik Kofranek
Programming by Michelle Lin